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Dear Families,


Parents as Teachers (PaT) is a program designed to strengthen families by increasing parents’ confidence in their ability to support their child’s growth and development as well as improve their parenting skills.  The Liberty Parents as Teachers program offers four main services:


  • Developmental Screenings: Periodic developmental screenings will be available by appointment to help you better understand your child’s development and anticipate your child’s needs.  These screenings will examine your child’s cognitive, language, fine and gross motor, and social development as well as hearing and vision.  After the screening, the educator will share information with you about how you can continue to support your child’s growth and development in these areas.
  • Group Connections: Group Connections are events that are designed to help you gain new insights into your child’s development and behavior, to get to know other parents in our community, and to have fun with your child.  Information about upcoming Group Connection events will be made available on our Liberty PaT website.  Information will also be emailed out to families who are enrolled in the Liberty PaT program.
  • Resource Network: Our PaT staff will be available to share Knowledge of community programs, agencies and resources that your family may need.
  • Personal home visits: A certified Parent Educator will come to your home by appointment for personal visits.  Personal visits are designed to individualize the program for you and your child.  During these visits we will partner with you to plan visits and activities for you and your child to enjoy.  We will assess your child’s development and find ways for you to support continued growth and development.  You will receive written material about your child’s development and simple activities that you can do with your child.  You will have the chance to create and achieve goals for you, your child and your family.

State funding for the PaT program continues to be greatly reduced from previous years.  However, Liberty Public Schools understands the important role this program plays in helping to support families of young children.  Through local support, the Liberty PaT program will be able to continue to offer free developmental screenings, Group Connection events, and access to a resource network to all families of children Prenatal-Kindergarten entry.  Personal home visits will be offered to eligible families.


If you are interested in enrolling in the program, please see the FORMS tab on our website to complete the enrollment form or call our office at 816-736-7020.


Thank you for investing in your children through participation in the Liberty Parents as Teachers program.  We look forward to opportunities to serve you and your children.


Best regards and happy parenting!


Dr. Sarah Birk

Liberty ECC Principal & Director of Liberty Parents as Teachers

Developmental Screenings

Do you have a 3-5 year old child? 

PARENTS AS TEACHERS IS CURRENTLY SCHEDULING DEVELOPMENTAL SCREENINGS. Schedule a DIAL-4 screening to provide an overview of your child’s development.
Appointments are required, call 816-736-7020.

Interested in Joining PAT?

If you are interested in enrolling in the Parents as Teachers program, please click here to access the online enrollment form. 

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